Like every industry, packaging has its own lingo.

“Poly mailers” refer to polyethylene mailing envelopes commonly used by eCommerce businesses to ship shoes, apparel, and non-perishables. They are lightweight, moisture-resistant, and come in a variety of sizes. They have dozens of uses, and because they are practically weightless, are great money-savers when it comes to shipping.

eCommerce businesses have the majority of the poly mailer market, but other industries benefit greatly from poly products.

poly mailers white packaging envelopes

Whether you’re new to using poly mailers, or have enjoyed their shipping ease for years now, here are some interesting things to know and ways to use poly mailers for business.

  1. Less space, less waste: Poly mailers are less bulky than traditional shipping boxes so there is little (or no) need for void fill when shipping them. They use less material to produce, so there is less packaging waste.
  2. Bring on the rain and snow: These bags are made from water-resistant materials which eliminates the worry of product damage from bad weather or spills.
  3. Saving green: With little to no added weight fees, they make an inexpensive way to distribute products.
  4.  Extra protection: Poly mailers are available lined with bubble wrap to easily protect more fragile products if necessary.
  5. Variety and versatility:  Historically great for clothing, they can be used for hundreds of other items, including books, health and beauty products, medicine and vitamins, pet supplies, small electronics, and kids toys.
  6. Branding business: Poly mailers come in a variety of colors and are easily branded with logos, taglines, and images.

Do you have other uses for poly mailers? We want to know about them. Add them to the comments below, or contact us directly here.