We don't want to brag, but you should know what great things have been said about us.

I first started working with United Packaging about 12 years ago. At that time we had about 20 employees and 2 pieces of used equipment. They really showed us the way of the future and helped us grow our business. We now have 130 full-time employees in 3 locations and over 50 pieces of equipment. United also has a service department that maintains all of our equipment.

-Director of Operations, Fulfillment

I had no idea who or what United Packaging was all about. I knew they were working to help improve our Direct Mail Operation. Their Sales rep along with our production manager really hit a home run in saving us time and money. Since this success I have worked directly with them on other projects and I am very happy we have them on our team

-CEO, Printing/Direct Mail/Digital Print

United is one of my "stress free" vendors. We never have an issue with deliveries, questions, quotes or billing. [Our Sales Representative] is a pleasure to work with and is always here for our specific needs. Thank you!

- L.W., Store Operations Supervisor, Store Planning/Design Department

United Packaging has been a great vendor and solutions-oriented business partner. Very competitive pricing, they stay on the forefront of the newest technologies. Down to earth and easy to work and do business with. Great customer service.

- D.D., Plant Manager, Chemical Industry

Been doing business with United Packaging for several years now. They have proven many times over to be an asset supplier to our company. They treat our needs like they are as important to them as they are to us. I get my products next day and never have to return anything due to damage or not being able to use.

- B.K., Warehouse Manager, Distribution

Jeff and his team are outstanding. They treat their clients like they are the most important part of their business every day. They are the type of partners that successful businesses need to rely on in order to meet the rising expectations of our clients. I strongly recommend their services to anyone in need of any packaging.

- Purchaser, Food Service

[My sales representative] has always been informative, helping and a genuine partner in all the years I have worked with her. Although in my current position, I do not deal directly with United, through the years, the company has been a great partner through the efforts of [My sales representative].

- C.S., Plant Manager

They have been doing a terrific job for us. [My sales representative] showed us how to save money and time on preparing our products for shipping. The company was very easy to do business with. My orders get placed and delivered complete in just a day or two. All my questions are answered quickly. I like that I can reach out to them and talk to a person and not an answering machine when I call. Definitely recommend them to other companies that are looking for great service and attention.

- Purchaser, Food Processor

I have had nothing but great experiences with United Packaging. They always respond to my requests within 24 hours (most of the time it's within just a couple hours). Deliveries are always on time. They have also been very proactive with reaching out to me to make sure I don't need any supplies. In this fast-paced world that we now live in, United Packaging has always been there to accommodate me!

- T.W., Purchasing Manager, Food Processor

We have had good customer service since we began with United. The supplies we need are in stock and ready to ship to us as needed. Our sales team is great to work with and keeps in touch as to needs or a regular bases. Keep up the good work.

- D.H., Director of Warehouse Operations, Frozen Storage Logistics Company

United is a pleasure to do business with. They have shown us where we were wasting time and money that we didn't even realize. I wish I would have accepted the appointment sooner. [Our sales representative] is very knowledgeable about how products should be packed to keep from shifting during shipment. I know my customers are getting damage-free products since our return claims having disappeared. Great company to work with.

- Operations Manager, Manufacturer

The team at United Packaging has been relentless in getting me what I need, when I need it, and at a cost within my budget. They always offer ideas on better solutions, which although I don't always have the time to review and analyze, I appreciate that they are looking at helping me improve my operation. A really good partner supplier to have on my side.

-B.T., Operations Manager, Manufacturing

Our company had been with our incumbent supplier for many years. I just considered packaging to be the unnecessary evil in my operations spend. That was before United Packaging introduced me to the paper machines we use now. They are easier to work with than air pillows, and our packers love using them over pillow machines. The paper cuts automatically with just enough fill needed. We've given them more opportunities now, and plan on having them be a preferred supplier for the future.

- D.L., Warehouse Manager, Order Fulfillment

United has consistently had lower costs which help us to lower our costs in turn. Their delivery and turn-around are also very good, which helps us with our turn-around time. In short, we are very pleased with our association with United Packaging.

-R.W., Operations Manager, Logistics

United Packaging has excellent pricing and very reasonable delivery costs. With other larger companies with the same products, we found ourselves paying almost as much for the delivery costs as what we pay for the products themselves. When we switched to United Packaging for our packaging products, not only did we save money from the lower product prices themselves, we also saved significant amounts from the much lower shipping costs they charge. I would recommend United Packaging to anyone who needs packaging material & products.

- J.T., Vice President, Auto Parts Sales

We are pleased with the products provided and receive them on a timely basis when ordered.

- B.P., Controller, Call Center

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