The Ultimate Guide to Food & Beverage Packaging

It’s 2020, and truly anything is possible when it comes to packaging. Food & beverage packaging is on the forefront of innovation. Unlike other industries, their B2B and B2C packaging is of equal importance – and for very different reasons. For example, B2B packaging focuses on food safety and avoiding spoilage, while B2C...

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Meet the Customer Service Team

The customer is easily the center of any business. Without customers, there is no business at all. The Customer Service team at United Packaging has the multi-faceted job of working alongside every department at United Packaging to make sure the customer is satisfied at the end of every...

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Here’s why cheap packaging will actually cost you more

It's 2020, and if you're in the business of selling goods to consumers, you're most likely selling them online. This means a few things: You use packaging and shipping supplies, you use a lot of them, and you probably have dealt with damaged packaging. The packaging you use...

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Take the Cardboard Halloween Challenge

Don't throw away those boxes! DIY cardboard Halloween costumes are at hand. This year, make Halloween fun and environmentally friendly with some of these inventive costumes made from recycled cardboard packaging. Homemade Halloween costumes help reduce the carbon footprint this whimsical holiday brings, and can be a fun...

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Meet the Distribution Center Team at United Packaging

In the office, the Sales, Customer Service, and Finance departments are customer facing. Their job roles naturally support client interaction on a daily and weekly basis. But the Distribution Center (DC) team, which specializes in the logistics of receiving, storing, packing, shipping, and delivering product, are often behind...

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Meal kit delivery packaging has its problems — and solutions

There is no question that the meal kit delivery industry has successfully disrupted traditional consumer habits of food buying and consumption over the last few years. According to a 2017 study by Packaged World, the meal kit delivery services were worth $5 billion, and that was already 2...

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Cleaning and Janitorial Trends in 2019

The cleaning and janitorial industry is ever-growing and forecasted by Statista to earn over $46 billion dollars in 2020, the highest its ever been. According to The Willburn Company, office cleaning and janitorial is currently the largest sector within the industry, with educational cleaning coming in a close...

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Shrink Film and Stretch Film: What’s the difference?

In the packaging supplies world, stretch film and shrink film are two of the most mistakenly interchangeable words used when it comes to products. Although they sound similar, and both are types of plastic film, the difference between the two is actually huge. People often request samples, quotes,...

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