Don’t throw away those boxes!

DIY cardboard Halloween costumes are at hand. This year, make Halloween fun and environmentally friendly with some of these inventive costumes made from recycled cardboard packaging. Homemade Halloween costumes help reduce the carbon footprint this whimsical holiday brings, and can be a fun activity to do with friends and loved ones. Plus, it’ll save you money and you can bet that no one else at your Halloween party will show up in the same costume.

The United States alone produces about 25 billion pounds of textile waste every year, and only a small percentage of that gets donated or reused ( Generating this much textile waste is very dangerous for the environment. According to Planet Aid, “When solid waste such as textiles are buried in landfills they release greenhouse gases as they decompose, including methane, a particularly destructive substance. Similarly, at the other end of the clothing life-cycle spectrum, the production of textile fibers and the manufacture of cloth burns considerable quantities of fuel that releases CO2 into the atmosphere.” (

Halloween costumes contribute to this textile waste, as party-goers and trick-or-treaters frequent costume stores for new finds each year. With the advent of social media, it is more rare than ever for anyone to be a repeat offender — wear the same costume two years in a row. Once the holiday is over, costumes are trashed and left in a landfill.

We challenge you to make a difference to our planet and try out a 100% recyclable Halloween costume this year.

It will give you a chance to use your imagination and invest time in something fun. Plus, you’ll be part of the solution for a better, greener Earth. We’ve curated some of our favorite ideas for this year, so check them out below.


Lego Man


First in Flight Airplane


Hot Air Balloon


Cardboard Monster


Jurassic World Creatures


Classic Villian Cut-Outs