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Space-and-cost-saving solutions, and sustainable cold chain technology

39% reduction of packaging costs
22% decrease in product needed for application
45 % increase in warehouse floor space

The Problem

They had an issue of high-cost & lack of space

The client needed a cold chain solution that would not only fill a void but also keep their food fresh during transit and storage. The void fill they were using had to be bought in container quantities, which was not only a cost issue but a space issue, as it was taking up nearly half of their warehouse space. This void fill was also made from plastic, which made it non-recyclable and an unsustainable option.

The Solution

A more sustainable business with increased brand loyalty

We provided them with an alternative, recyclable cold chain paper solution Ranpak, which also provided them the “R” value (necessary temperature for freshness) they needed to keep their goods fresh and safe in transit.

The Impact

This product saved the company money & bolstered brand loyalty

The paper based, green void fill from Ranpak provided the company with confidence that their goods would be delivered cold and fresh. Their brand image, which relies heavily on sustainability, was bolstered by the recyclable paper option. This product saved the company money as it decreased product damage and bolstered brand loyalty from sustainability-seeking customers. It also saved them space in their warehouse since Ranpak paper is an on-demand system and takes up less space compared to other systems when stored.

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