A package’s journey.

We bring a box to the post office. We address it, and pay the clerk. Then we wait for our recipient to get it. The packaging and shipping process to the consumer is pretty simple. Did you ever wonder about a package’s journey from Point A to Point B? There’s only one accurate way to find out.

Artist and filmmaker Ruben van der Vleuten decided to test this process in its purest form — he firmly attached a tiny camera to a box and sent it out for delivery. Using time-lapse, he edits the video to show the world what the delivery process looks like from in the eyes of the package. We can see how the package is handled by both human and machine. And though every package’s journey is unique, the idea is that there is much more that goes into delivery than we ever see.

Watch the video for yourself:

It is clear to see that the shipping and delivery process has several moving parts. And this is just for a ground shipment. Imagine an overnight shipment via plane, or the logistics behind the movement of a multi-million dollar painting from one museum to another. Packaging of a product must withstand varying weather conditions, handlers, machine sorters, and truck rides. It also needs to hold up perfectly in these conditions, or its contents may not be safe. Packaging, often behind the scenes, plays a huge role in the success of “Point A to Point B.”