There are two types of people in this country — those who watch Sunday’s football game for the actual game, and those who watch it for the commercials. Since we are a company that offers branded packaging, our job is to watch both. If you are the latter of the two, then you appreciate brand placement and creativity for the sometimes funny, sometimes gut-wrenching, football commercials. This weekend, we’ll be diligently watching for this year’s best commercials for the big game.

There are also other types of branding for the game that don’t come in the form of TV ad spots.

We are talking about the branded packaging you see in the weeks leading up to the game.

These are the ones you see on the table at the party you’re attending to watch, and if you’re a true fan of the teams playing this year, you’ve probably already purchased some of it.

We’ve curated some of the best branded packaging from this year and years’ past for the NFL Championship game. Classics include Bud Light and Pepsi can branding, and some other brands shine with their own unique branded packaging twist. Which ones are your favorite?

P.S. Don’t miss the surprise at the end!

1) Pepsi’s Limited Edition Commemorative Halftime Cans:

branded packaging

2) Bud Light’s own take on team can branding:

branded packaging bud light

3) One of our favorites from 2017 — Tostito’s bags that double as a breath-a-lizer:

branded packaging tostitos

4) This 2018  jewelry ad in Minneapolis may not have branded their packaging, but they are definitely targeting their fans:

5) Pepsi used packaging to put on huge NFL displays at grocery stores:

branded packaging pepsi

6) As a sponsor for 2017’s game, Papa John’s branded their pizza boxes:

branded packaging papa johns pizza

7) Creative way to fill a football — use pretzels:

Related image

8) And Kraft changed their cream cheese packaging to say “Philadelphia” for this year’s game!

(Or at least it’s fun to pretend):

Image result for philadelphia cream cheese

9) And for good measure, we’re throwing it back to Snickers, who have made some amazingly funny commercials that aired on the big day: