The customer is easily the center of any business.

Without customers, there is no business at all. The Customer Service team at United Packaging has the multi-faceted job of working alongside every department at United Packaging to make sure the customer is satisfied at the end of every day and every week.

Customer Service in the packaging world is not just answering phones and emails (although they do that, too.)

Think of them as air traffic controllers for the company. Any type of request that comes through from the customer side is directed to them, and they are tasked with using the appropriate outlet to process the request, handle an issue, or correspond with the right department. All of our customer service is in-house; we prefer that our customers have a specific person to call and work with on a daily basis.

Customer service is specifically connected to each internal department: Sales, Operations, Warehouse, and Accounting. They collaborate with the Sales Team on all orders and quotes, with the Operations and Warehouse teams on product availability, optimal delivery, and any shipping related tasks or issues, and work with the Accounting department for billing inquiries.

Lastly, they solidify relationships with a multitude of suppliers as they source products and get pricing for non-stock and custom products.

From left, standing: Allyson Stewart, Alexis Matthews, Jamie Guido. Seated: Sarah O’Brien

The women of the Customer Service Team are problem-solvers, collaborators, and champions for customer and company success.

Sarah O’Brien has been with the company for 8 years. She is known around the office for her work ethic and trustworthiness; she can handle anything that comes her way.

Alexis Matthews has been with the company for almost 2 years. Her effervescent personality and eagerness to help others makes her an all-star asset to the company and to her customers.

Jamie Guido was a former employee from 2015 who returned to us in early 2019. Jamie is a true team player, and it shows in the relationships she’s built both inside and outside United Packaging.

Allyson Stewart is the Manager of Marketing and Customer Service, and has been with the company for 3.5 years. She is proud of her team and strives to always improve upon the service provided at United Packaging.

Give us a call (or email) and you’ll be greeted by our team on the other end, ready to help.