United Packaging offers extensive knowledge and access to machinery and packaging equipment. A common trend with many companies, large and small, is their need for certain machinery to optimize their packaging processes. United Packaging not only offers equipment rentals and leases, but also training sessions and ongoing support and maintenance for all leased equipment.

Our in-house Equipment Service Manager Paul Bollinger knows a thing or two about machinery. As a kid, he would take things apart just to put them back together; he was always fascinated with the inner workings of widgets and toys, and as an adult, he extends this knowledge to packaging machinery. Paul can be found at the warehouse, or on-site at a client, overseeing the proper use of our rented equipment.

Below is a sample of available machinery for lease and/or purchase at United Packaging.

1. Ranpak: Ranpak machines provide recyclable void fill for protection of shipped goods. All Ranpak paper is recyclable and renewable to maintain sustainability. Their line includes, but is not limited to, the following machines:

  • PadPak SR: Converts 2-3 layer paper into cushioning pads which protect fragile materials through the shipping process
  • PadPak JR: Like it’s brother above, the PadPak JR provides cushioning for shipped goods with a more light-weight, mobile machine
  • PadPak LC: The “Light Cushioning” version of PadPak, the LC offers the fastest paper cushioning solution on the market. It forms single layer paper into pads to be used for shipping.

Watch the video below to see the PadPak LC in motion:


2. Eastey: Manual taping is put to the test with these uniform and random case sealers.

Eastey BB-2 Stainless for EZTEK Site_Machinery
Pictured: BB-2 Bottom Belt Industrial Case Taper

3. Orion: Specializing in stretch wrapping machines, Orion has made a name for itself as one of the most trusted packaging brands in the country.

Pictured: Rotary Tower Automatic Pallet Wrapper_Machinery
Pictured: Rotary Tower Automatic Pallet Wrapper

If you are interested in these products, or have questions about the machines that United Packaging carries for lease or purchase, please contact us today! You will be set up with an expert Packaging Consultant who can help you find what you need for your business.