As many of you know, we are proudly celebrating 25 years of service at United Packaging on May 18, and could not be more excited to host such a wonderful event for our clients, partners, and friends in the business. A lot has happened in 25 years, but one thing is for sure: It is the people with whom we work that makes it all possible. We are lucky to have 30 partner sponsors supporting us on this big day.

One partner in particular has made a huge impact on the success of this event, so today, we are featuring the products and services we proudly offer from our Visionary Sponsor: Shurtape!

Shurtape has been a long time partner of United Packaging, and for good reason. When we provide a product from United Packaging, the priority is quality. Shurtape has had designs on high quality since 1955, and continues to create and innovate materials that are durable, sustainable, and intended for multiple uses. Shurtape designs their products to be effective for dozens of industries, including automotive, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage packaging industries. Walking through our warehouse in Bristol, not only will you see thousands of Shurtape boxes ready for delivery, but also many of our own products are secured with Shurtape goods. We use it, we trust it, and that’s why we offer it to our clients.

What’s in store for you at the event from Shurtape? Check out the featured items below for a quick preview of products. Click images for more information.

Quick Change Tape Head

Folded Edge Hand Dispenser

Plus, Shurtape carries name-brand Frogtape® and T-Rex Tape® products, guaranteed to fit your business needs.

Make sure to stop by the Shurtape booth at the 25th Anniversary Event + Trade Show on May 18 to learn more about these products and more.



The 25th Anniversary Event + Trade Show is almost here!

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Thursday, May 18
102 Wharton Road
Bristol, PA 19007

25th Anniversary United Packaging

Thank you for 25 years! | There is a better way.

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