Any successful company is the product of many systems running together in harmony, each an integral extension of the other. They have a mutually dependent relationship: the potential of one system cannot be met without the success of the other. It is true for many United Packaging clients and partners that they are more familiar with consultants and front office personnel more often than anyone involved with the distribution and operations side of the business.

Today, that’s about to change.

Meet Dale Coyne, United’s Distribution Center Manager. He played a significant role in the operations part of the business for the last 6 years. He manages incoming and outgoing deliveries, works with Packaging Consultants on special orders, and makes sure that warehouse processes are running smoothly each and every day. Dale is trustworthy, thorough in his work, and especially kind, so it is no surprise that he is also one of the most well-liked members of the United Packaging team.

Dale attributes his demeanor to his two daughters, who keep him young and on his toes. He enjoys football — so much so that he is the reigning champ of United Packaging’s Fantasy Football league — as well as baseball, spending quality time with his family down the shore in the summer, and watching The Walking Dead.

Watch the video below to learn more about Dale.