They say that a team is only as strong as its weakest player – unless you are the USA women’s gymnastics team, in which case there are truly no weak links (Go Team!) In business, it’s the quality of the individual and their personal growth that, combined with that of others, create the best teams.

More specifically, in the manufacturing and packaging procurement industries, it’s especially important to be efficient and non-wasteful when it comes to time and materials. That’s why United Packaging supports Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma programs – because essentially, it’s vital that our clients benefit and are able to advance their business practices because of it.

If you are unfamiliar with Six Sigma / Lean, it’s time to brush up! Six Sigma / Lean programs focus on waste reduction – time, materials, and money – all important to the success of manufacturing, packaging, and procurement industries. There are different levels of certification, with the highest being a Black Belt. People with these certifications implement waste-reduction programs into their own businesses, as well as those of their clients, streamlining their internal processes while saving them time, money, materials, and hassle.

United Packaging currently employs three team members with Six Sigma / Lean certifications, including one Black Belt and one Green Belt. Today, we recognize them with pride and will continue to support their efforts to meet their personal and professional potentials.

Meet our Six Sigma all-stars below.


Robert-SantoraRobert Santora

Robert is the in-house Black Belt (and a veteran of the U.S. Navy, to boot) who, as recently promoted Vice President of Sales and Operations, has been a vessel for change and growth within the company since he joined the team in 2010.



Scott-PaulScott Paul

Scott is a USAF Veteran with over 17 years of experience with logistics, distribution, and warehousing. Additionally, he has earned his Six Sigma Green Belt, and plans to achieve his Black Belt as he continues to spearhead the logistics and consultative programs at United Packaging.



Brandon-SeidelBrandon Seidel

Brandon received his Lean Six Sigma Sensei certification in 2016 from Villanova University. As the Strategic Purchasing and IT Manager at United Packaging, he continues to improve front office processes as they work directly with warehouse logistics.




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