Packaging fails are inevitable this time of year, with all the shipping and receiving in both retail and wholesale.

Our job as packaging experts is to alleviate the stress related to packaging and shipping important goods, while ensuring we are never the cause of a packaging blunder.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy finding some of the internet’s favorite packaging fails over the years. Below, we’ve curated a bunch of the worst best packaging fails across many industries. Which ones are your favorites?

1. This confusing White Castle sandwich.

Image result for packaging fails

2. This unnecessary shrink wrap.

Image result for packaging fails

3. The packaging is just a bit overboard for this item.

Image result for packaging ruined

4. This false advertising…

Image result for funny packaging fails

5. …and this one.

Image result for funny packaging fails

6. This fragile shipment that was misunderstood…

Image result for shipping fails

7. This package that loses at hide and seek.

Image result for fail hiding package on porch

8. And this very weird looking dog.

Image result for toy packaging fail

9. Last but not least, this classic packaging blunder.

Image result for green ketchup