Not all packaging companies are created equally.

There are hundreds of packaging companies out there. Some are online, some are national, international, or local. Packaging providers are plentiful because nearly every type of distribution or manufacturing business — be it healthcare, food, beverage, home goods, textiles, electronics, beauty, etc. — needs packaging supplies and services for their business to work. Without packaging for distribution, there is no business.

So how does a business choose from one packaging company to the next? You are probably thinking, “Packaging is packaging,” but not all packaging companies are created equally. Not even close. There are more types of packaging than we can list in a singular blog, and even more suppliers who claim to know the difference. Below, we outline some very important packaging myths and truths to understand when it comes to packaging.

Myth 1: All products require the same basic packaging for distribution. Imagine the supplies and logistics needed for glass-encased, refrigerated, perishable goods, and then imagine those used for cotton balls. A bit different. Between the fragile glass and the cold temperature of the perishable product, it needs specialized packaging that would not ruin the good, and in turn, whose packaging will not break down in transfer.

Bottom line: Product packaging makes a difference. Read this case study we did for a client whose problem was packaging damage due to condensation from a cold food product.


Myth 2: Online packaging companies are cheaper. They may seem that way at first. Here are some things you may not know about online packaging stores: a) They often provide low-quality substitutes, causing more hassle and money in the long run. b) Without the expertise of packaging consultants and on-site consultations, online stores have little to offer but cheap supplies. c) Customer service sometimes only exists through email by someone who knows nothing about your business.

Bottom line: Online stores may seem attractive by providing “cheaper” products, but they lack in services that will save you even more money, and headaches, in the long-run.

If you remember one thing about this article, let it be this: Packaging is more than just supplies. 

Myth 3: All packaging is created equally. This is a common misconception. Like any other good on the market, there are different levels of quality when it comes to packaging. A solid packaging company offers a range of products, and will stand by the reliability of each one. There are also always innovations within the industry that solid companies embrace.

ProTip: Packaging supplies may look similar, but to properly test the quality of a product, be tactile. Request samples and try them out before buying.

Myth 4: Packaging companies don’t have much else to offer. Don’t let the name fool you. A full service packaging company provides so much more than packaging supplies, including Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), product stocking, logistics expertise and consultation, state-of-the-art equipment leasing, supply chain optimization, and custom programs.

Bottom line: Competitively priced packaging is great. Competitively priced packaging combined with logistics services and programs is even better for business.

The more you know, the smarter your business will run. But don’t just take our word for it. Learn about all United Packaging has to offer that’s more than just packaging according to our most important critics — our clients.

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